Saturday, 24 March 2007

24th March 2007

Dear All,
I heard from Kimberley that my last email was blank, I then tried to get to the internet for a week only to find one problem after another. We have had a lot of difficulties with power cuts and the system being so slow.

I am still alive, but still having staff issues...... don't you just love them. wont bore you with the details, other than to say, over here, you work with people NEVER consider them as friends!! Is that bad of me to say? I am learning the hard way!!

The blank email I typed you was 'war and peace' relating to Nathalie's visit, we had a great time, the 'safari' (trip) was amazing, we managed to cram so much into such a short time. Nathalie went home feeling like she had been here a month. The jeep we hired only just managed to hold out for the duration and died on Ailsa when she left us at Fisherman's camp. Nathalie and I were very pleased to be awarded the sight of Hippos at Fisherman's Camp, they came out of water at nightto graze and Nathalie had talked to the security guard who woke us at about 2am to let us know the hippos were out. (David in case you are wandering - he was doing his rounds and came and knocked on our door!!!)

I feel a little lonesome now Nats has gone but am keeping very very busy. The boys don't let me relax. I have joined their acrobat/aerobics class every afternoon, they are amazed at how I manage to keep up and keep smiling, (what they don't know is that I am totally pooped and spend the night rubbing my aching muscles). They keep saying they want me to take part in their acrobatic show, NO WAY!!

Nathalia's marbles that she brought over with her are going down a storm, boys love them, although I am being constantly asked for more, um think they are getting greedy.

On the 21st April we are off to our fund raising in Nairobi which I am looking forward to. We are squeezing too many kids on a bus - heading for Nairobi at 1300 hrs on a bad road (Nats will agree re the road) the show starts at 8pm before which we have to do a practice run, as it's a new venue! The show will end about 1am and then we ......... wait for it ........ drive all the way back at night, I am so looking forward to that trip! I will have the duty of looking after the little ones, Mwangi included, hope they wont all be throwing up en route (I will be prepared just in case) Mary Poppins here I come.

I am now the owner of a lovely shamba (veggie patch to you). I have worked on the plot, cleared it, turned it over, cleared stones, and raked, it is lovely. I have planted, squash, melon, beans and in seed trays I have grown some cherry tomato plants (Thanks Nats!) The rainy season is on our doorstep so planting was quick (no idea how things grow out here without seasons, maybe I will have constant supply of cherry tomatoes, cant wait!)

Ok this was an abridged version of the last email I sent. Hope you are all very well. I am out to Alisa's 'leaving surprise get together' that SHE told me about, although wont be out long, got aerobics before I go shuffling to the do!

Love to you all, Nats I think you will be reading this tonight have fun.

Ok you guys who is coming over next, the spare bed is ready and sheets washed!!

Snogs all round.

Love to everyone, even those I have forgotten to mention, I think of you all everyday it is so warm here, its lovely... he he. My tan is fading as haven't got time to visit the pool. Not happy about that.

Ok going going going GONE!



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