Saturday, 3 March 2007

A birthday hi to you all!

Hi to Everyone,
and many many many thanks for all your Happy Birthday wishes. I booked an early morning trip to Lake Nakuru for Paul-Simon and I it was great. Nick the taxi friend took us round before the hoards of tourists showed up. It was lovely, herds of Zebra, rhino, water buffalo and the enormous flocks of pink flamingo. What a great way to spend my birthday, wish you could all have joined me.

I have ordered a HUGE cake to take to Scann to share with the boys this afternoon, it is adequate for 150 people, in chocolate and cream, hope I get it there in one piece. Nick loves me today, as he is booked pretty much all day with the park, picking up the cake and taking to Scann then ferrying myself and friends to Travellers for booze and dancing later, he will then knock off and join in!

Just to let you all know I have sacked the fundis as they were doing such a bad job, I told them it would be better for me to do it myself. Paul-Simon and I have tackled the lounge it is F A B, bright orange with a canary yellow chimney breast and fireplace, it looks really good as it is such a huge room. We had lots of fun painting it standing on the rickety stage and ladder made from my chicken house..........!

I will have to find an electrician to put right the work the last one did and get the plumber back to rectify his leaking loo. Other than that all is fine. My crops are starting to come through, I have bought a hose and sprinkler, although until the shamba tap is connected the hose is too short!!!! Bucket watering is a bit hard on 1/4 acre! I am planning on doing everything pole pole (slowly slowly) as is the Kenyan style. Love to you all, hugs to my relatives, and anyone else who wants one.

Keith, so pleased to get your email was wandering if you were still connected! The internet has been so bad recently that every time I get to the internet cafe it dies, maybe something to do with me????? I look forward to some of you coming to visit when the house is done, obviously at the moment it is a building site, Paul-Simon will vouch for that. Missing you all today (and everyday but today more than ever!)

Susannah xxxxxxx

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