Sunday, 15 May 2011

Not So Wet...

Hope this Sunday finds you all well and rested,

Well an interesting week, the rains are still here but not everyday so some days you are in for a soaking another day you will prepare for a soaking and none will come.

On Monday I went to SCANN in the afternoon to see how everyone was and had a nice chat to an older lady called Zepeda (something like that anyway) she was Yasmins cousin and after losing Yasmin wanted to get involved at SCANN during her retirement.  She is a very lovely gentile lady who was so pleased to see me and wanted my help and direction as she had heard I had done so much at SCANN.

We chatted for a while about what was needed and planned out program for the weeks ahead.  I said that as it was late in the day I would arrive in the morning and start working my way through the boys individual files to ensure all the documents needed where inside.  The setting up of the files had been a huge undertaking I had completed before I left last year but nothing had been updated in my absence including the new additions to SCANN.

I arrived on Tuesday morning and set to work, I arranged for one of the college boys to assist by hooking out the files by name for me to check what was in and to record on a sheet.  We did this for a number of hours and worked very well.  It became apparent that there was a lot missing including things that I had put in the files initially.  Kombo the Officer in Charge of SCANN had not been around the few times I had visited SCANN so I had not been able to discuss what I was doing, anyway he appeared and hit the roof, yelling and shouting that I had no right to be in the files and demanded that I left the office…… he wouldn’t even listen to me explaining what I was doing, she shooed me out and locked the door.  I was so angry I tried to speak to him but all he did was shout so I left very angry.  

Moses Kombo and I have always worked closely at SCANN since I arrived in 2006 but it would appear he was no longer happy with my ‘interference’. On the walk home from SCANN I called the Chairman and explained what had happened he was not happy and said he would talk to Kombo.  When Zebeda arrived at SCANN the next day and was told she was also livid.  Apparently Kombo is working his notice as he was found to have started his own project in the area and was spending a lot of time there when supposedly out on SCANN business so he was told to either relinquish his chair at the other project or leave SCANN so he is leaving SCANN.  

I think that the timing of my arrival back in Kenya has made him think I am back here to take his job, there is no way I would want it as it is too involved for me to manage with the ‘Kenyan’ way of doing things dealing with colleges and university entrances etc etc.  On the way home I went and did some shopping and treated myself to a beer in Guava Lounge, I met up with a friend and ended up having a few more than one, it turned out that the evening was an 80’s fancy dress evening and whilst I was not in fancy dress I took some photos which were quite funny.

On Tuesday evening I arranged to go a visit Mama Sweetie on the Wednesday, I called a friend and asked if he knew anyone who would loan me a vehicle if I fuelled it.  He did better than that he sent me a van and driver in the morning who took me and the 5 suitcases to Mama Sweeties.  There are good people here, I just don’t seem to come across them often!  Mama Sweetie and I spent the whole day sorting the clothes donations so that each of the children would have a new set.  We also made each of the older children in charge of a suitcase and divided up the smaller children to a numbered suitcase, in this we put their clothes, tooth brushes and soap for each child. The other toothbrushes that were donated from my friends at Tracie’s Latin Club were put in Mama Sweeties store, they will last them a long time hopefully.  The many clothes donated from Marouella and Jayne from Virgin were thankfully accepted along with toys and dolls for the children to play with and a surprise gift of Easter eggs from Jayne.

I asked Mama Sweetie to arrange for her builder neighbour to come and discuss the plans for the building projects that we had in the pipeline, we sat and went through many things in preparation for Ailsa’s visit hopefully next month.

I was walked back to the Matatu and on the way collected a sample of lovely bags that the ladies of the village have been making to take to my friend Jeremiah to see if he will sell in his gift shop. (Hope to see him this afternoon as he was out when I dropped it off with the explicit instruction that we discuss BEFORE he SELLS!)

I climbed into the matatu just as it started raining again, I took the last seat by the door…….. I know why it was free, the seat was soaked through, the man beside me just looked at me when the cold wet oozed through my trousers and I figetted, he smiled knowing my dilema.  By that time it was too late to sit on my waterproof jacket but at least it was long enough to hide my embarrassment as it looked like I had wee'd myself when I got off the matatu, it had stopped raining by then but I still wore the jacket.

On Thursday I was in town collecting my post and pricing up various things that I needed for the house I popped into Guava CafĂ© and had a soda, while there I chatted to Daniella the owner who said that Guava Lounge’s next fancy dress was Latin flavour, I told her that I would be Ok as I had my salsa clothes, she told me that one of the newer bars in town had salsa classes and it was that night.

Whilst Daniella was unable to go I decided that I would go and check it out, I called a friend to escort me and we went, unfortunately we found that Tuesday and Thursday was Karaoke and WEDNESDAY was salsa, we headed back to Guava Lounge disappointed for a couple of beers before I headed home having booked Daniella for the following Wednesday.

Saturday I decided to head to SCANN early as the doctor would be doing his clinic as many of the boys had come out in chicken pox and unless contained they would all get it.  Dr Kuria was so pleased to see me and we had a busy morning seeing 10 of the boys with various ailments but predominantly chicken pox.  After he left I prepared the required medications and updated the children’s medical cards for the clinic, if there is one thing I am glad that I instigated at SCANN it is the visits by the doctor, the children are so big and healthy now.  We have so few stomach problems, hygiene is greatly improved and all due to the doctor coming.

SCANN now also has a Saturday sewing lady who comes and repairs and adjusts all the boys clothes, a job that used to keep me busy most evenings until I could see no longer.  I spent a lot of time with the sewing lady and Zebeda on Saturday as there is a big fundraising being planned for around July / August in Nairobi and there are some of the boys doing some Indian dancing (most of the people who attend the fundraising are Asian business people) I was asked to help with producing the costumes, white tunics and trousers….. In white satin!  Yes I said WHITE!!  We started cutting the fabric yesterday and I have taken some home to cut the designs out of, as Doris will know…. I hate trousers they confuse the hell out of me!   I will be doing this as and when during the week.  Needless to say that although I stayed away for a few days to avoid Kombo he was there all day Saturday, we managed to avoid each other but there was no sign of an apology, maybe I expect too much sometimes.

Today is Sunday, Henry is out at Church (saying a few for me no doubt)  I have been busy fixing some of my wall light fittings that were broken and also my cupboard doors in the kitchen.  Managed a bit of washing, swept the whole house, had a nice hot shower and will be heading into town for a bite of lunch, my treat on Sunday saves me cooking.  

Love to you all, hope you are all well and the weather there is improving.

Susannah, Paka and Kim

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