Sunday, 1 May 2011

Nearly There... Promise

Happy May Day to all…… enjoy the pole dancing, (Maypole!)……

Almost caught up now….

After getting Kimberley to the airport, remembering that we can only drop off as only those travelling can enter the building, we stood waiting for her to be checked through the door without words, tears welling, we hugged and the security guard asked who was travelling I pointed to Kimberley, he looked at us (and I am sure Kimberley wont mind me telling you this) he said that I could go through with her, I was shocked and said this was not permitted in the past how come….. He said that as Kimberley was a minor it was OK!!! Oops needless to say the look on Kimberley’s face was not a good one. I hugged her and told him she was not a minor, but thanks anyway. We parted and I stood with my nose against the glass watching as Kimberley went through the booking in process to make sure that the change in her flight had gone through ok. She came to the window with thumbs up and then disappeared pleased that all went smoothly.

Jenga used to tears at the airport said nothing as he watched from a distance. He then chatted away on the ride back to the apartment where he dropped me. I let myself into the apartment and dropped back into bed, emotionally exhausted.  After sleeping for a few hours I got up and pottered round, I was feeling rough, the cold that had been hanging round since before I arrived in Kenya decided to hit, I lounged round for the most part of the day, hitting the sack early that night after a long soak in the bath.

On Monday I headed back to Nakuru, was pleased that Moses and Edwina were still around to occupy me.  Meals were great and cooked by Edwina, Moses always washed up, I was enjoying the treatment while it lasted.  Nick was still upset with the fact that requested that his family leave my house bearing in mind they were supposed to be out before I returned, the 10 day extension was me being nice, but not regarded that way by him. As far as he was concerned I embarrassed him and treated him and his family badly after they looked after my home.  Nice that he only portrayed his part of the story to all his friends.  Still if the friendship is to survive it will take time for him to get his head out of  his ………….!

Marouella, my friend from Virgin sent me an email to say she had managed to get on Kimberley’s return flight and she would ‘look after’ her on route home.  Unfortunately, this was the original flight that we had booked, Kimberley had already flown home on Sunday!!!! I know Kimberley was soooo disappointed to miss that luxury trip!  Marouella also said she was bringing some donations with her so we arranged for her to leave them at the hotel in Nairobi for me to collect later in the week.

Wednesday, Edwina and Moses decided they would head back to Nairobi on the night train leaving Nakuru at around midnight.  Edwina cooked a lovely meal and then we waited until 1.30 for the taxi to collect them (well I waited whilst typing my emails home, Edwina and Moses slept on the sofa). When the taxi arrived they said their goodbyes and left. Moses earlier in the day stripped the beds and did all the washing before they left.

I closed up the house for the night and headed to bed, about 10 mins later my phone went, apparently the guy at the station didn’t tell Edwina that the night train was booking only and they were unable to get on.  I told them to get back in the taxi and come home.  I madly ran round making the beds and waited for them to return, tired and not happy.

On Thursday morning after a really bad nights sleep the phone range at 7.30am, it was someone from Hotel Intercontinental saying he had some bags for me to collect that day….. Bleary eyed and not understanding him I said that I was in Nakuru and could not collect them that day, he then let me speak to Marouella who was happy for me to collect them later, but he said the store was rather full and I needed to pick within the next 48hrs!

When I eventually woke up, I spoke to Edwina and Moses who decided to head back on the shuttle to Nairobi, I decided I would go with them and collect the bags and return the same day. I sent a text to the guy at the hotel who was overjoyed! 

Now I had been talking to Edwina and Moses about the fact that they wanted to do a promo video to help them promote their act OneFace as they needed work and were tired of being cheated by trainers/friends who were finding work for them but not paying them for it. I thought of a good venue in Nairobi, the offices of my friend Haroon are set in the most amazing grounds, it would be perfect.  After a few phone calls it was arranged, we would travel to Nairobi that day, pick up the donations and go and visit the premises to have a look at the suitability.

Edwina and Moses loaded with their rucksacks and I with my huge empty  (ShoeZone carry all dead body size bag) headed to Nairobi, we met with Francis at the hotel and between us managed to load the 3 smaller bags into mine which left me with a huge suitcase and my bag instead of many small ones. 

Moses and Edwina loved the grounds of the offices, we negotiated the day and left with lots of smiles. All we needed was someone to video, money being the huge issue in this we may end up with doing it ourselves!  I have since provided a good proposal to Haroon and his company and will let you know if it is agreeable before letting you know.

Jenga my loyal Nairobi Taxi driver and friend, picked us and the bags up, we dropped Moses and Edwina in Nairobi and then took the bags to the Mololine shuttle for them to watch until I was ready to leave. Decided to have a couple of beers with Jenga as we had not had time to catch up on news.  After a lot of talking and Jenga giving advice on the Nick issues, I headed for the shuttle, collected my bags and got straight on as there was one waiting for a last passenger, ME!

It was a long ride with 3 tusker beers inside of me, 2 hours on a shuttle, reminded me not to have beer again before I travel.  Due to the lateness of the ride I stayed on the shuttle instead of getting him to drop me on the highway near the house and getting a taxi to pick me from there, not wise at night, besides managing the bags anytime of day would have been a problem.  I got home late, tired and desperate for the relief of the beer!!

Compared to the night before I slept like a log that night, satisfied of a day well spent!

Since then, I spent the day yesterday in the ‘compound’ (garden) making good after the effects of the boys and Nick on it. I have been spreading many of the plants round filling the gaps by taking cuttings.  Henry’s planting of the seeds I came with has proved very fruitful, we are going to be eating salad till the cows come home, especially as I don’t have any cows! I was alone as Henry had some work at one of the neighbours, so managed to get outside in shorts and bikini top, silly really as burnt!! No one to put sun cream on my back also no one to put on the after sun.  I struggled as best I could and in the process managed to rick my neck. Now I know why people get married!!!! Kidding. X

When I returned and checked out the plants, I noticed that the short stubby rose I bought and planted before I left had now covered the open fretwork in the porch beautifully, but was covered with scale and black soot on the leaves.  Yesterday I patiently washed with soapy water all the leaves, removing the worst of them, this is why I got burnt, today I am staying inside keeping busy until the sun has gone, it is now heading towards the rainy season and the storms are hitting us, lots of noise, lightning and little rain, but when it does rain its fabulous and torrential. We are having many electric breaks usually in the evening which is not so good, as candle light really doesn’t help much when it is so dark.  There will be many babies arriving in 9 months, what else are people going to do. I on the other hand just sleep and last night I listened to the ipod Swahili course, well 5 mins of it before I fell asleep! Never was good with languages.

May manage to scrape some of the scale off the rose before it starts raining as the sun has dipped behind the clouds. Wish me luck, nasty things those scale bugs.  Any home remedies for the like would be appreciated. As you can see I have kept myself busy with sorting out house paperwork, checking what has been paid as far as the bills are concerned in my absence and those I need to pay.  I am meeting with Shamsher on Monday, (the Chairman of SCANN) just to see how things are now and how I can help, I am usually given an assignment to manage, not sure what this one will be. I have stayed clear until I was settled so Monday looks to be the day. Also off to Mama Sweeties this week to drop off the bags, was hoping to do it bits but so much will just get a taxi and drop all together will be less hastle.

Love to you all, the thunder is rumbling as I prepare to sign off, just hope the internet doesn’t cut off before I send.  Will do some updated photos of the place soon.

Missing you all, wish you were here.

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