Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Still here

Hi Everyone,
just to let you know and still alive and kicking in Kenya. My chest infection has only just cleared and needed steroid tablets to get rid, now I am sporting great muscles.... kidding. I am slowly increasing my energy levels, although two trips to Nairobi, one to collect John an ex colleague and friend from P&O days and to sort my visa.

Since I came in November 2008 I am still trying to sort out my visa, my tourist visa has now expired (don't tell anyone) but the immigration Manager says don't worry as they have the paperwork and it is their problem. Can't say that instills me with confidence as I got a call yesterday saying we need to resubmit the documents as they can't find them. I have decided after many trips to Nairobi to sort this out that I am not leaving until I have my visa approved and in my hand!

The house hold is fine, John has spent 4 days with us and has this morning set out on his 14 day safari to Masai Mara, Mount Kenya, the Lakes and then Samburu, rather him than me, it is very tiring.

At Scann on Friday evening Edwina is holding the show that she and the boys have put together so I am really excited as I haven't seen a lot of the preparations as have been at home. I have however helped with many of the small sewing requirements. Should be a good night. I was at Scann on Saturday helping in the clinic many of the boys are down with sore throats and malaria due to the change in the weather, but nothing serious there.

I managed to introduce Edwina to Sarakasi the performing arts establishment in Nairobi where my friend Jemo works, he is away in Norway, but his associate has agreed to take Edwina for a period of two weeks to train their acrobats etc with Poi and fire in return for her being taught additional circus skills. She is very excited.

On Sunday we took an impromptu visit to Crater, on the outskirts of Nakuru, it is a vast volcanic crater and beauty spot. I decided that as we had to take a taxi to get there we would take the dogs with us for a walk, um sounded like a good plan in my head. Now we had Edwina in the car to drop off en route, John, Henry (askari), myself and Nick driving, together with the two (large) dogs, Kim sat in the front with me and Fatso loitered between the seats but sat at the back. We arrived at Crater and the views were fantastic, but it became apparent that there was no way we would be able to descend from the top lip where we were as the sides were far to steep and the dogs would send us flying.

We walked round the rim instead well away from the edge, we were unable to let the dogs loose as either they would disappear over the edge while playing or one of them would run up to us and send us over the edge. We had a lovely walk and the dogs by the end were exhausted, (mind you I did use them as huskies to pull me back up the slope to the car. We will go back without the dogs and descend the crater which apparently takes two hours to get to the base and about 3 to climb back up..........um not quite ready for that.

Just to let you know if you are not already, Kimberley and her Grandmother managed to safely complete the jump from the plane yesterday, they are both apparently still buzzing with adrenaline and happy they were mad enough to do it. What next I ask!!!!!!!
Love to all, hope you are all well.

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