Saturday, 9 May 2009

Still coughing

Hi Everyone,
just thought as I came into town for the doctors today that I would drop into the internet and send you a quick email (not something I am used to).

I haven't been to Scann all week and have been told by Edwina that the boys are missing me like crazy and keep asking for me, unfortunately it is a bad time as Yasmin who is in charge of the project has been having Chemo for newly diagnosed breast cancer, so me not being around either is making them worry more.

I am on medication for allergic bronchitis and pharyngitis (spelling kindly provided by my brother but forgotten by me!!) I keep having bad coughing fits that exhaust me and are brought on by talking, laughing, moving around and basically any form of exertion. SO staying at home seems like a good idea, am looking at joining them at Scann on Monday.

Edwina is busy putting together her show which should be fab and we hope to put it on when Yasmin is well enough to come to visit the project. I had a surprise visit (I think it was on Tuesday) from three of the acrobats who went to China then left Scann and have been performing in Tanzania. They are so good they are now getting people interested in booking them including Circ de Soleil (they were already working a contract in Tanzania but are looking to get back in touch when they are completed). The three boys came to visit and then said they were staying with me when I asked where they would be. They also had three friends with them, one boy who was joining their troupe. They were lovely and between Edwina and myself we managed to scrounge enough food to feed them all. It was a house full but we managed for the two days they were with us.

They performed various dance routines and acrobatic shows for us and Edwina showed them her performance with poi although there wasn't enough time to teach them. They made time to go to Scann and see their 'brothers' and perform for them too, they never forget where they came from and try to let the boys know that hard work does pay off in the end. I provided them with costumes that my good friend Doris had made for them and some DJ T-shirts for their hat juggling performances that they loved. I have been left as custodian for two huge suitcases full of their clothes that they want me to look after while they return to Tanzania to fulfill their contract. They all call me 'Mum' and it was an emotional parting when they left especially as they new I wasn't feeling too good, I managed to keep them awake all night coughing!!!!
Anyway, not a lot more to report.
Love to you all,

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