Wednesday, 11 March 2009

I Need some va va voooooom

Hi Everyone,
sorry it has been a while. Whilst I have got over the worst of the typhoid I am still a little lacking on the old energy front. So what’s new?????

My hen that has the chicks is doing a grand job in raising two strong chicks, they wait for me in the morning to come with their ‘chicken mash’ and whatever goodies I have found them. The cock and other hen are making such a noise because they can see but are separate from the others. I think they are aware that their food is not quite the same, mind you the hen with the chicks does such a song and dance when she eats that most of the food falls through the floor of the ‘penthouse’ to their run underneath. The second hen has been refusing to lay any eggs and I have for a week now told her that she will be heading to the cooking pot when Nathalie arrives as a celebration, I even told Henry that he would have to do the killing and plucking while I am out of the house, so it looks like a chicken from Sainsburys or Tescos! I can’t be doing with all that business!!! Yesterday I opened the door to the chicken house only to find she had laid an egg, in her case I suppose it is the ‘Golden Egg’ as it has saved her from the cooking pot, it was still warm too!

I have been busy at Scann trying to complete the contents of the lockers so that we can see what the clothing-short fall is, this is not a pleasant job, but what it has taught me is that some of the smaller boys are far tidier than the older ones. I have been trying to teach the older boys how to fold their clothes so that they are not all screwed up when they remove them from their lockers to wear. Some of them are also a little lacking in the knowledge of what washing soap is for! Hopefully when it is completed we are able to ask for what clothes we need as opposed to receiving so many that we already have and don’t need.

I am still working hard to help the doctor to administer to our sick and learning as I go. Today one of the workmen who works with the Gilani family came to do some work at the project with an infected wound on his ankle. He came to me for medical attention and I confirmed his medication with the doctor by phone to double check that what I had in mind was right, painkiller to help with swelling and pain, antibiotic to help reduce the infection causing the swelling, cleaning with betadine and a gauze dressing to allow it to breath but keep clean. I also unofficially treat the staff and workers at SCANN as I am of the opinion they get paid a basic wage, if they can't work because they are sick then we are having to manage without another pair of hands, it is better to treat early and them to work than to do without completely and possibly for a longer period of time.

I am also busy shaving the boy’s hair, what a mop they have since I last cut it. I must admit other than the fight with the clippers to get through the mops, I am really enjoying the time on a one to one with the boys again, gives them a chance to ‘chat’ – provides me with good counseling time. Unfortunately, who ever had been using my clippers in my absence has not been as good with the hand and clippers cleanliness as many of the boys are showing signs that the ringworm is back and spreading. Will have to sort out another mass treatment if the ringworm gets any worse.

We are still awaiting the rains. The weather has changed today it is usually very hot during the day with strong winds, this just ends up whipping up the dust that is lying everywhere and we quite often see mini whirl-winds winding their way along the roads, quite a spectacle and something to avoid being hit with, the dust gets everywhere! Today the air is calm and heavy and the sky is a bright white colour, hopefully it is the promise of ‘the rains’. Henry has planted at the house some seed crops and is eagerly awaiting the seedlings to appear ready to plant when the first drops of rain arrive, could be a long wait.

It turns out that Fatso is I think losing her ‘puppies’ probably a result of having been in the early stages of pregnancy at the time I injected her with contraceptive. I must admit, whilst not trying to be mean, it is with a sigh of relief that this is happening, I couldn’t bear the thought of having to look after more puppies after Kims 9!

I am looking into the possibility of selling off half the plot which is at the moment used for planting within my property. The land is not as productive as it could be due to the lack of water and it is time consuming to tend, instead the money can go towards helping me remain in Kenya for a while longer as I am finding cash flow a bit of a problem, it will however, mean that at the end of the day when I decide to sell up the value will have diminished but I will have been able to stay longer and accomplish more.

I have printed off more business cards for the B&B and am busy distributing them to my friends in the tourist business to help promote me, but as yet nothing. Well that is not totally true, I was asked to take in two volunteers who would be attending another church project for a month, their destined family were unable to take them. When I enquired as to how much remuneration would be received and calculated it out it wouldn’t even pay for their food for the month, let alone, showers water, electricity, washing, cleaning etc etc etc etc. So I pointed out that I was not a charity and could not afford to be out of pocket whilst taking in volunteers, it was to HELP with costs not incur them! I was excited at the prospect up until that point!

Anyone who could help by putting up a poster in their company or place of social or recreational activity please let me know and I can email you a copy to promote the B&B and Kenyan tourism, which is still a bit lacking at the moment.

Nathalie, my sister will be pleased to know I have managed to buy a bed cover which should keep her warm at night. I am also fighting a non ending battle with trying to keep the house clean, with the dust and the wind it is an impossible task but it keeps me busy. I keep saying I want to wash the curtains and Catherine tells me to wait for the rains as the dust will settle then, could be a long wait.

Ok time to go now as the boys are now arriving for computer lessons and I am making use of my lunch hour to type this at the project.

Love to everyone. Mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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