Friday, 20 March 2009

The Bird has Landed

Hi Everyone,
well as you can imagine from the heading my sister has arrived safely and this time stress free as she got her visa before she left, last time they gave her a bit of a hard time and she was the last person through the gate and very stressed!

You thought I was going the say something about my chickens didn't you......... well on that subject, the hen that I threatened to go in the pot has since laid 7 eggs all waiting for her to sit on, in her own good time I think. The other chicks are developing nice feathers and making a lot of noise. The cock is crowing at all hours, think I will buy him a clock so he can check the time!

I had the vet out last week in preparation for my sister coming and other visitors arriving and had the dogs given their vaccinations including the rabies one. The vet checked Fatso and confirmed that she was aborting the puppies which were no long viable due to the contraceptive injection that I had given her at the end of November. He said he felt that she also had a uterine infection which needed to respond to treatment or she would need to be spayed to clear the problem. Nice!

To welcome Nathalie at SCANN there was a big celebration today, (actually a big sponsor from Canada arrived and you would have thought the Queen was coming!). Everything was cleaned and polished including the boys, performances were put in place and a long day was had by all. The dining hall where the event was held was so so so hot we were all pleased when the event came to an end although it was good to see the performance. Nathalie and I were at SCANN yesterday to help with the preparations for today and she met up with James Mwangi the boy she and her family sponsor. James was so happy that Nathalie had come to see him, also that she had given him some new clothes, he refused to take them off and walked round in them all afternoon, he must have been dying in the T-shirt and thick sweatshirt but would he take it off........ no way, knowing little ones he probably slept in them to make sure they didn't walk off.

The rains still haven't arrived but I think with Nathalie's visit it would be a pity to spend all the visit in wellies and waterproofs. It is so hot and dry it is taking a while for Nathalie to get accustomed to the heat having come from chilly UK as many of you know. Tomorrow we are heading for a day of relaxation beside the pool at Hotel Merica, books in hand and promise of a nice lunch and swim if we want one....... BET IT WILL RAIN!!!!! You know me that wont stop me, bikini clad under an umbrella if I have to.

Anyway this is just a quickie to let you know that we are fine and busy bees! Kimberley arrived safely in USA visiting her dad.
Love and hugs to you all.
Susannah xxxxxxx

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