Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Easter Bunnies not...... chicks definitely

I hope Easter was a time for relaxing and lots of enjoyment.

I am pleased to announce I am the proud owner of 7 fluffy yellow chicks hatched on Easter Sunday,......ah.... The boys at SCANN are so pleased they all want to see them although I have explained that this is a bit of a hard job, they have to make do with pictures. They have acquired another kitten though which had a bit of a funny five minutes the other day.

Edwina is helping the boys to do a new dance routine and we put up numerous full length mirrors that had been donated and never used. The boys thought this was great as they could now practise and see their mistakes. Someone came in carrying the kitten and popped it down in front of the mirrors. It hissed and spat and arched its back and went all spikey, it stood there for ages just trying to out stare the 'other' kitten. The boys were in tears of laughter and found this so funny, it took someone to pick up the kitten for it to break its stare.

The boys are enjoying their time off school although they are still studying hard at SCANN to make sure they get good grades. The weather is cooler now and the rains are here so they will be visiting me a lot for meds in the clinic... something to look forward to ... colds and malaria... nice, we have just stocked up on meds so shouldn't be a problem. I am back sewing little by little hoping they don't notice and suddenly I get a truck load. I am working on getting a sewing machine from a friend in Kenya, he doesn't know it yet!!

Henry has been busy planting the shamba we have maize suddenly breaking the surface and racing to the sky, followed closely behind by beans. The kale and spinach is slowly growing and we are planning on planting potatoes in the next week. We had such a heavy down pour whilst I was in town yesterday that the wind had ensured the rain had poured in my open window and over half of my bed....... nice, I was just a little damp last night and chilly. Needless to say all is out hanging to dry today in the sunshine again until later in the afternoon.

My small water leak (in comparison to my sisters) has now been fixed. I sent a text this morning to 'my man at the water office' and within an hour he and 2 men were at my gate, I hadn't even had breakfast or showered yet. They could have said they were coming! They sized up the items needed and then sent Henry for them while they went off to do someone else's job, within 1 hour they had returned so luckily had Henry with the parts. They dug (after I removed my treasured tomato plants and marigolds) sorted pipes and connections were re made, they then replaced the pipes and roughly covered the area. This was after I was asked for lunch and drinks, I said I could provide drinks but as the leak was before the meter and was to their benefit to mend it lunch was not on offer, cheeky devils! Neither Henry or I were pleased with the mess but it was well worth it as they came so quickly to do the job...... sorry Nats, I know the trouble you have had, at least I have the main man and his mobile number, in the end it may cost me more than money...... may have to cook lunch!

The bush oven is nearly finished we just need to prepare the drum with a good fire to clean any of the residue contents to lower the chances of 'tainting' the food. Edwina is suffering with a chest infection and hacking cough so we are chilling a lot (after a busy weekend out on the town Saturday night, Sunday was spent with hangover!!)
Love to you all.
Take it you are all back to work now.
Susannah xxx

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