Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Bush Oven Heaven

Well, what can I say

.... the bush oven whilst a rough home-made affair is a big big hit. We have had three batches of fabulous bread that is just Divine. We have even managed to cook pizza, although that was done through a rain storm so I got very wet bearing in mind the bush oven is outside!! We made sure that the pizza was dry when it came out as we covered it with an umbrella. Our next endeavour is to bake chocolate brownies, I don't think they will sit around too long.

The chicks are growing well and being a handful, they are eating me out of maize mash very quickly, so we are giving them scraps from the kitchen. Bad news, Fatso the dog went for an unscheduled walk yesterday and hasn't come home no idea where she is.

The boys with help from Edwina are working on a show to display their new found skills of poi and dancing, should be good but no time scale as to when it will be shown yet. I have been suffering for about a week now with a bad sore throat which won't leave me, but am putting it down to the cold weather at night, the days are still hot and then the downpours arrive in the afternoons and night time. I hope you are all well and managing during the hard economic times at home.

Love to you all,

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