Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Short and sweet - the email and I both


just a quick update, the internet has been a real pain recently I have had to source out another internet cafe. I promised myself that last night I would sit and write you an email but was so tired that it just didnt happen.

Last Thursday, I acquired a house guest, Mama Sweeties oldest daughter Grace who is 12. With the disruption of the clashes here in Kenya and the loss of her father etc etc, most of you know the story already..... her grades in school were not as hoped and she is attending extra holiday tuition in Nakuru, which is some way from her home. I now have Grace living with me for three weeks. She was very quiet but is now settling in well and even managing to make jokes and acting like a true 12 year old.

Moving on, let us all hiphip horray............. I had a HOT shower yesterday, well actually the story goes like this, Grace and I got home, hot, tired and very dusty and we still had water in the mains so I decided to test the showers, finding they worked I had planned on taking a shower after washing my clothes. That was the plan until I realised whilst washing my clothes that the shower in the bathroom was running.... Grace had beat me to it. Her face was a delight, a hot shower!!!! Needless to say I followed a micro second behind her, it was F A B! Catherine who is also staying at the house missed the shower though as by the time she got in from SCANN the mains had finished, but we told her how G R E A T it was !

I am expecting a volunteer to arrive sometime next week, he is someone who Yasmine from SCANN has arranged to visit and spend time at the project. That is all I know and he is down to stay with me for two weeks. All of you that were planning on visiting just to let you know, he will be my B&B guinea pig. Should be fun! At least it will be a bit of spends coming in before Christmas to put in the savings pot. If it goes well who knows the business may become multi national!

Today I spent the day sorting out new systems for SCANN for inventory and also sewing the uniforms that have gaping holes in the seams, my fingers are killing me, I really forgot how to appreciate the sewing machine while I had it. The boys are very healthy as the doctor has been attending to them in my absence with help from Anastasia one of the teachers as 'attending nurse'. Dr. Kuria was overjoyed with the additions of medical items that I managed to bring over with me, thanks to those concerned.

Friday here is a public holiday and I am planning on taking the day off, so far I am working every day and getting exhausted, not a good thing. I think all that souvenier eating in the UK has made me sluggish! Certainly not as fit as I used to be before I left here.

The weather is still hot and dry, although Monday we had some rain and managed to collect water for the parched plants. The animals are fine, although no sign of any eggs from the chickens yet, but alot of clucking!!!!

Love to you all, will spend more time next time working out what to write.
Take care and keep well.xxxxxxx

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