Saturday, 3 February 2007


Hey I got my first official time out yesterday finishing at 1300 Friday and then I return today at 1300. Had a relaxing afternoon beside the pool at Hotel Merica (you can sunbath here on their sunbeds by the pool for free, if you swim you get their towel and you pay 200ks, I usually only sunbath!) I had about one hour of sunshine and then the clouds came and the heavens opened. I was so determined to have a good afternoon off that I stayed with music on ipod, bikini on, drink in hand and sat under a sun umbrella writing my cards. Everyone else had deserted the poolside but I was happy in my own little world. The pool guy and the waiters kept running out to check that the crazy woman was OK, I even got a FREE ice cream sundae as they said I looked as though I was enjoying myself. I explained it was my first afternoon off and a 'little' rain wasn't going to spoil it.

I then went for dinner with Ailsa (co ordinator from i-to-i who I became friends with on my last trip and two other volunteers) we then dressed up and went out on the town. We had managed a night out last Saturday but as my afternoon off was Friday we went out Friday night instead. How different it was from last week (last week was grab a white woman night at Sumit, it was crazy, Ailsa and I spent the whole evening avoiding people who kept following us around, I think they all want white wives out here!!) Last night the music was more traditional and we managed a lot of dancing unhindered - fabulous! This morning after staying with the girls I got my first lay-in until 9.30 ah it was great, Ailsa and I then headed for a couple of hours back to the pool, that was a bad move as I am now in no mood to go back to work!

I thought I would cram in a quick email as tomorrow in my break I am heading to Veronica's restaurant, (she was the lady I stayed with last year) to do some more cooking and food preparation, well she lets me stay at her house and feeds me so I thought I could do my bit and learn to cook at the restaurant at the same time, it also gives my brain time out from SCANN! Two hours isn't really enough to do anything in especially as the boda bodas are scarce whenever I want one in a hurry to get into town. No I have not yet used my bike...... I will soon though, cant keep spending money on Taxis and bodas.

Oh forget to share a moment with you, on Thursday evening whilst sat with the boys having their dinner the heavens opened, no one had suitable jackets etc but that wasn't a problem, no one, especially the boys are worried about a little rain. James Mwangi my 4 year old friend was the only one ready for the weather. He had been wearing a little pair of paddington bear wellies, (the short ones but in blue) all day. The image is his skinny little legs being flapped about when he walked around in them as he had no socks. When it started pouring with rain he wanted to leave the hall, I stared and had to laugh, he whipped off his wellies tucked them under his jacket and ran to the dorm in his bare feet so that his wellies wouldn't get wet. I couldn't stop laughing, he was the only one with suitable shoes for the weather and he was afraid to spoil them.

OK its time to go, I hear you are having a warmer time of it at the moment, not as warm as here though.

Lots of love,


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