Thursday, 7 February 2008

Still alive and kicking

Hi Everyone,

sorry have been so busy no time to get to internet. Raphael (the Officer in Charge at Scann) has been sacked for unscrupulous transactions therefore an administration staff shortage. I have been helping out which means little time for going to Showground to help with the refugee camp.

I have also acquired three puppies from Scann who became very ill with Parvo virus, so I am now vet too, one, my favourite that I had my eye on, that I named Bullseye after the dog in Oliver unfortunately was too weak and died on the first night lying in my arms, cried buckets! Must admit the vet said he felt it wouldn't make it. I am supposed to keep them for a week and then back to the vet. It is a mad house at home, Kim is too big to 'play' with the puppies and for health reasons needs to be kept separate, the virus is not going to affect her as it only attacks puppies. The cats are disgusted, needless to say they hiss and spit even more at the puppies than they did to Kim as there are two puppies to gang up on the cats. Cleaning up is a problem as Parvo causes bad diarrhoea (spelling!!) I will try and send another email soon.
Love to all.
Take care.

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