Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Puppy Love

what can I say, I used to get up every morning at 6am, to provide the guard with a hot mug of chai, prepare breakfast and pop back to bed for an hour. The last week has been the same other than no popping back to bed......... boy those puppies took some cleaning up after them. My whole garage needed hosing out every morning, puppies breakfast to be done, played with, Kim to be fed and played with, then and only then jump in the shower and get to Scann.

Yesterday I took the two puppies back to the vet, they are now strong enough for their vaccinations, worming etc etc etc. I then took them back to Scann the boys were so pleased they had returned, even though the two spent all day close at my heels, 'surrogate mum' obviously!! When I left I had to get two boys to distract them so I could get out the gate. Hopefully when I go in today they will still be there!

I spent most of the day, clipping hair of the boys I had missed at the weekend and who had been sent home with a beating from the Headmaster for the lack of hair cuts! (unfortunately there is a lot of that goes on here, even though I am trying to change things, it will take a long time to break the ways!)

We have had 15 boys arrive from Showground for our share of refugee settlement. I had the great job of finding them clothes from the store, boy was I tired by the time I had finished, talk about picky....... I said if they wanted top fashions they needed to go to a boutique! We have now got a doctor who will call at Scann every week and I am at present doing a list of boys needing attention. The last years problems are back, ringworm and Tinus and foot rot, in addition to the usual bumps and lumps!

The 'new' Officer in Charge is Moses Kombo, he is setting up new systems and I am in charge of, my favourite inventory.................. I told them so long as I am not counting the clothes items in the store, I think they have got me to do this at least 4 times over the past year. Its an awful job, so much dust I spend days sneezing.

I have had a quote for my roof to be fixed and as it was not in my budget it will make me hike in my belt as my funds are declining and will have to last me until I come to UK on 25th June and try and temp for a while to earn funds to come back again. I had hoped by now to be having paying volunteers at my house but the conflict has put paid to that for some time to come no doubt.

I think that Kim has been a bad girl whilst 'in season', I don't have a perimeter wall and at night time she entertains many many 'friends' actually not only at night time, during the day too. She is such a 'tramp'! Talking to the vet we could possibly hear the patter of little feet in less than 3 months...... more expenses, he is wringing his hands in glee. Mind you if her mothering skills are what I have seen with the puppies from Scann she won't be a great mum, she is so big and clumsy that its a worry. Maybe if they are her own she will be better.

My maize crop that I was so pleased with has been totally munched on by a flock of birds, my shamba sounds like a bird Avery, such a racket, neither the dog barking at them or the cats eating them has deterred their appetite. So disappointed. Will now wait for the rains and replant, luckily Dominic (my guard and full time help) is good in the shamba and is helping in return for accommodation as his went for a burton. I think I said he was Masai but in fact he is of the samburu tribe. He went home last week to Marallel, for the specific reason to visit his young wife and make babies (more information than I needed but sweet!) He came back with pictures of his wife and one of him in tribal clothes they are both adorned with so many beads and bangles and head dress things that he looks quite different.

OK well, I need to get off to Scann as I am sure they are waiting for me for something or another. Take care all of you, everything here has become calm, but people are thinking it may resume, I hope not, I think people have realised they futility of it all.

My sofa is possibly arriving tomorrow as George is back and working again -

Love to you all and birthday greetings to the many who have February birthdays, you should know who you are!!!!!Hugs all round,

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