Thursday, 18 January 2007


Good day Everyone,

welcome to Doug and Gloria, sorry only just found your email address but sent you catch-ups.

I thought I would email you today as I am in Town and not sure when I will get a chance over the weekend. I have decided to cut down the visits to town as I always manage to spend money.... not a good idea! I also feel very guilty carrying carrier bags of things into SCANN past the boys. Mind you the little ones are still my helpers for a 'bis-quit'.

When I first arrived I think I reported the difficulty in sleeping due to the dogs barking....... um someone must have heard my woes. Today I went into the field opposite to play football with some of the boys and another volunteer. We were greeted with an awful smell wafting on the wind.. One of the boys said it was a dead dog in the wasteland. On returning to SCANN and mentioning it, it was said that the 'council' had been putting down poisoned meat for the packs of dogs in the area, unfortunately, they are not coming back to pick them up. I had mentioned to the teacher that I thought I had managed to sleep better the last few nights. Apparently it is, tongue in cheek, my fault that we only have one dog on site instead of three. I must say it is actually a blessing, none of the dogs have vaccinations or attend the vet, they are all mangy and unhealthy. Nathalie you may get some sleep after all!!

I have spent another day on set with the 12 boys. They have had a fabulous time and the cutlery training really paid off. Now they keep asking to eat their dinner with knife and fork the only problem is how long it takes them to eat with them. I showed all the boys the photos I had taken on Tuesday, they are really fabulous, many of the boys are shown holding props of guns and slung over the shoulders are with bullet holders. The actors are really great with them and played football in the lunch break. We had the filming cut short on Tuesday as it started raining, well actually the Heavens opened and everyone else had gone inside to watch the filming, leaving one small boy who wasn't needed and myself trying to keep warm using my wrap sitting under a pergola. When the rain started we decided to stay put, this proved to be a BIG mistake...... the rain got heavier so we joined the others inside the building where they were shooting the film.

About 10 minutes later I glanced outside to find that the ground was now about 4inches under water, all the boys clothes and shoes were in their ruck sacs under the pergola now in the water. I grabbed my umbrella and dashed out to retrieve them. I got drenched, I had mud all up my legs and my bottom had got soaked whilst trying to carry the bags in. Needless to say no one else came to my rescue, obviously decided one crazy wet woman was quite enough!!

The same 12 boys are off tomorrow for filming so it will be another 5am start, most of the time is taken trying to ensure when the guy shouts 'Q U I T E' that the boys do just that, I am also forever counting to make sure they haven't wandered off, last time I checked some of them they were strung with bullet slings, with their dummy guns wandering off the compound for a stroll, needless to say they were gathered up rather smartish, don't want a gang war on my hands, all that blood!!! Due to the rain we didn't get back to the hotel until 8.30pm exhausted, muddy and very very wet. The boys changed from their 'costumes' and waited in reception, whilst rounding them all up I swung round, hit my bag on a huge metal 'A frame' sign which fell over and crashed onto the tiled floor causing an awful racket, it also caused a lot of pain, it landed on my big toe. I stood hanging onto the arm of the waiter who had come to my rescue, unable to move or breath. I was trying to be very brave in front of everyone in the foyer, I eventually hobbled away muttering. I now have a beautiful black and blue toe and signs that the nail wont be attached for long (Nice).

I must say if this is my only injury of the trip I wont be doing badly, however, I think there will be more to come. Last night I did have a bit of Delhi belly, but think that was over eating, I cooked myself a wicked traditional meal 'bubble and squeak' and fried eggs, yummy but nothing traditional about it, it was great though probably ate too much.

After filming tomorrow night I am trying to arrange a night out to Summit with some of the actors and crew, although they have been told because of insurance they are unable to leave the hotel without it being an organised event.........looks like we will have to do a jail break!! How bad am I. Will keep you posted. Alcohol and dancing here we come, cant do it Saturday night as up 5am Sunday morning for more filming!!

OK well, I am now off to meet one of the volunteers to take him to meet Yasmin.

Hope you are all well and enjoying the lovely weather (kidding).

Today it is overcast but so so hot, I have wandered into town and am sweating buckets, unfortunately I have light trousers on and it looks bad with sweat trickling down my back to the rear of my trousers!!!!!

Take care of yourselves. Love you all.


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