Friday, 11 August 2006

Pace is hotting up...

Well what can I say, talk about the pace hotting up........

I have been so busy this week my feet haven't touched the ground. The Creative English went very well, I was so pleased to get to the next lesson take and find the boys had enjoyed their lesson. I set them a task to write a story from a different perspective, they did but what they didn't know was that I got them to read their stories out to the class. Some were reluctant but they enjoyed being proud of their work (I am not sure how the older boys class formats are out here so I had to 'wing it!!') They appear to be looking forward to their next lesson unfortunately I have to hand over to the other two volunteers to handle that one, they sat in on my last lessons so know the format and I have prepared a passage for inspiration.

The arts lesson was mad, DO NOT do paper mache with 3 - 8 year olds its manic, I ended up with more paste on me and in my hair than was on the balloons. The last half of the lesson we did clearing up...... we needed alot of time, we then found we had nothing to do for the last 10 minutes so we got the boys to chose a song and they all sang songs, it was lovely, they sang with such gusto, I just wish I had it on video but I was unable to get to my bag without disturbing them.

I have done sewing every evening until 11pm..... I am going blind, I actually borrowed one of the girls headlamp and sat sewing navy blue shorts (the overhead light at the apartment is useless)!! Everyone thought it was funny, at least I got the garments finished...... until the next day for the next pile. Sewing machine will be bought this weekend, that is when I can decide if I can work a treadle machine. One of the long term volunteers (male) has said when I go he will step in and do the sewing if I show him how! I was so impressed, he said I had been doing invaluable work that needed to be continued as he is there for a year he will try, if nothing else to pass on the knowledge. Another short term Kenyan teacher (male) sat helping me do hand sewing today after I taught him back stitch, he thought it was great, he then told me he was leaving next week, what a waste! (He did neat stitching too)!

Went out for a quick drink last night as one of the volunteers from another project is leaving...... there were 8 white females in a bar....... needless to say we were pestered non stop by very 'worse for wear men'!!!! Everything from marriage, dinner, a drink and worse!! I am 'mother hen' all the girls (in their twenties) look to me for their guardian, (me can you believe it!!) so I ended up intercepting the advances and leaving early...... no not with someone, I couldn't bear their beer breath any longer!!

I am in SCANN tomorrow helping log the library books on to computer, something not attempted before......... this is Laura's project but she is going stir crazy so I said I would help...... not sure she will offer to do any sewing in return though!!

I am at the moment working with older students and street card artists to try and get a design for a new SCANN greetings card (they sell these to help promote the project and raise funds). The artwork from the boys today indicated that we didn't get the message across too well. Oh well back to the drawing board, so to speak. I have got two of the artists coming in on Tuesday, hoping they will be able to help. We have only two weeks to fulfil an order, not sure we will manage.

Ok got to go for dinner now, we have all turned veggie, a new volunteer is one and we decided that as the meat was so tough and nasty that we would opt to make cooking easier by joining her. Interesting being a veggie!

Beginning of next week is very busy so will try and get an email out soon.
Love and wishes to you all.


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