Monday, 7 August 2006

One month and counting...

Hi Everyone, (Debbie and Megan remembered I needed to email you so thought I would throw you in on my email list!)

Well, as you already know I have extended my stay a month and am now on final month countdown and things here have got busier than ever....... Now the older boys have finished schooling and are at SCANN the place is just buzzing.......

I did little teaching before now as there is a policy in place that prevents volunteers taking the class if the paid teacher is present, so other than when they are off or helping, there has been little done. I asked that when the holiday timetable is drawn up can the volunteers have allocated slots. Um that sounded Ok in theory......... We have been given lots of craft sessions with the pre-unit and standard 1 (the boys aged 3 - 5) we struggle with these boys as they understand very little and are difficult to find enough to keep them busy for an hour let alone the 2.5 hour lesson I had with them this afternoon - it eventually dissolved into bedlam...... no one died or killed anyone though. Just got lots of random pictures......... well sort of!

Tomorrow morning i have a 1.5 hour lesson with 18 x 16 year olds for Creative English, I have spent most of the weekend looking for inspiration.... (a good thing when doing creative english!) I have probably managed to cover about three lessons so far. Mind you tomorrow will be a test of my skills as it is the first lesson, at least they have a good command of the language!! Just hope what I give them enables them to get enough out of the lessons..... I think they should find comparison between TV weathermen and traditional Rainmakers (I found a very interesting piece about both in a local magazine......) I poached alot from it and will use it for question and answers and discussion sessions. Watch this space!!!!!

In all they have given us about 8 lessons a week, one being a triple one (they obviously couldn't do anything the fill the boys time for that one!!

I know have no time to do sewing so will be bringing it home to still waiting for the sewing machine that was promised, not sure when that will appear....just in time for me to see it before I leave no doubt!

I made my brother laugh on Sunday, I had sat on a very hard matatu seat for four hours on the way back from mt Kenya, I was tired, hungry and carrying a very heavy rucksac (thanks Les). I had left the matatu station and walked to Taidys for a quick refreshment of a cold Stoney (Ginger beer to anyone other than Kimberley!) I thought I had sent a text to my friendly taxi driver Nick asking if he was about could he pick me up........... a while later I received a text from bro saying that he would but it would be a bit costly!!!!!! Um. needless to say I then called Nick who was out of town, followed shortly afterwards by Sam my Tuk tuk man (also out of town)! There were no other taxis or Tuk tuk in sight. I walked past a boda man who offered, but I couldn't take up his offer, i was struggling to carry my bag let alone him carrying that and me, (no matter how much weight I have lost!) I decided that I was quite capable of walking........ um should have thought of using the toilet before I decided on walking. It was a very long way, in an interesting area on a Sunday afternoon........... by the time I had picked up the keys, climbed three flights of stairs, I just couldn't get the keys in the lock fast enough....... Good job no one else was in the apt!!!!!. I stripped on the way!

Today at Scann has been busy, preparing the last minute items for teaching......... doing craft work.......... playing with the slum children outside the project. One little boy who must have been about 4 came up to take my hand, i took his and gave it the friendly shake...... he then held on to my hand, raised it to his lips and kissed it........ what a gentleman..... if only he was about 40 years older!!!!! I gave him a nice hug, he was lovely.

I have checked the size of my bag I can probably get about 4 boys squeezed in, back to the Uk, not sure how quiet they would be but at least they would be company for each other......... I don't think I will be allowed to leave here, you might find that there are no more emails and texts from me as I have been kidnapped!!!

Love to everyone,

i am sure there was something else I was supposed to say.................... I will blame it on the Larium!! Oh, today it was so cold went to Scann wearing a thermal top Megan had left behind under a T-shirt that I had, together with a long summer skirt and a rain mac, as you can imagine a sight for sore eyes! I had to side saddle on the Boda, half way to Scann I lost my flip flop, some guy ran up the road with it as my Boda man ignored my shouts for him to stop. As you can guess I have no warm clothing. I froze all day, yesterday I did a huge wash not realising that I had washed not only my trainers but also all my trousers!!! BAD BAD move!! I looked like a bag lady today! Apologies to any of you that are in that profession!

Hope you are all still enjoying these emails, if any of you want removing from my list, tough, don't know how!!

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