Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Finally Got to Internet

Hi Everyone,

yes it's me and I have made it to town to the internet at least.

 Well, I have no idea where I left you all other than this has been a very hard month (at least) of health issues.  I would like to say they are all out of the way but after food poisoning, post food poisoning stomach issues, then malaria with headaches for days, those done I then trapped a nerve in my back which after a week in a lot of pain woke last Wednesday and it had vanished all I was left with was a stinking cold and cough.  Coughing fit on Sunday put my back out again I was not happy, so have antibiotics to clear the coughing and chest issues and hopefully at some stage the pain killers will numb the back pain till it vanishes again.

All in all feeling very low and hot a happy chappy.  The weather is still raining and cold which isn't helping the back pain in the slightest. I managed to get to the Kenana Knitters on Thursday and Friday last week to help out with big orders of toys before the back went on Sunday.  Monday I went in but was troubled with the back so sat doing paperwork for them, got a good roast chicken lunch, it was worth the effort! 

Kim is unwell, she started to be very quiet and appeared to be sleeping a lot what actually was going on is conjunctivitis making her close her eyes.  I was a bit concerned as the manky dog from next door has been breaking into our grounds as Kim is on heat, he didn't look healthy and we have been fighting to keep him out, well Henry found out he had died, we just hope Kim hasn't been too close to him and caught something bad.  The vet came today and got me out of bed, (I can't get Kim to him as no transport) so he called early before he went to clinic, whilst he was there I got him to give her her annual rabies and other jabs, together with ointment to clear her eye problem.  It was an expensive morning.  I asked if he had a jab in his bag that would help my back, he laughed.

I have been occupying my time with crocheting with remnant strips of fabric making rag rugs, well I am impressed with them.  Henry claimed the first one and now I am on a large one that is now having to be done at the dining room table as it is too heavy for my lap. Better sitting position for the back too.  This morning as it was so wet Henry and I sat taking and he was asking about how to crochet, He is now on his first attempt, I think he may have a few tries as this one will end up as a hat as the edges are getting tighter!!  Oh well something to keep him busy at night.  I called in at the fabric place where I got the last bag of remnants from and they have more interesting fabrics for me to pick up, will try and get Emma to drop them off for me when I meet her later.  

Emma and I had planned on doing more painting at SCANN today as she leaves on the 16th for the UK and will hopefully have finished the arty bits before she goes.  I have arranged to meet her here in town and will go to SCANN with her, to catch up and see the boys, but I wont manage any painting as it is all at shoulder level and will cause me standing problems. 

I have acquired a lodger who is paying a small amount for room only, she is an American who says she is a pastor attached to the Provincial Hospital here in Nakuru.  She was staying with a Kenyan family but found it far too noisey so she contacted me for a room.  She is an interesting character and I think the 2 months will be long ones. She moved in on Saturday with her tiny kitten which fits into the palm of your hand, she keeps it in her room with a litter tray as Kim and Paka would not think twice that it would be a tasty morsel or play thing.  On Sunday she woke late complaining she was unwell, deciding to call my piki piki friend to take her to the hospital for malaria tests, when he arrived she was about to get on when she started vomiting badly, well what to do she obviously needed to get seen to but I was worried that the piki was going to end up with a back covered in vomit before he went far.  After a violent vomiting fit we decided that there could not be any more for a while so off they set with very strict instructions from Jennifer that if she clapped her hands to his waist he was to stop quickly.

Well by all accounts they made it to the hospital, an injection and medication later, having a bacterial stomach issue she returned, I handed her a basin for vomit and boiled water, she didn't surface until after I returned form the knitters last night. Although she did get up to complaint to Henry to stop his singing whilst cutting the hedge round the property as she wanted quiet!  Now Jennifer is not a small lady and we have found that she cant open the door as you have to insert your arm to reach the padlock on the inside of the door, her arm does not fit in the hole far enough to reach the padlock let alone undo it, so either Henry or I have to be home when she arrives, interesting and more interesting!! She asked me to put the padlock on the outside of the door at which I pointed out the whole reason for it to be on the inside is to stop someone being able to crow bar the padlock!  We will see. My fridge is crammed full of her food and so is the cupboard full of cans and packets for food, so much for all the healthy fruit and veg in the market!! Another problem is the cooking on the jiko and not a microwave, well if she can afford one she can buy one!

Oh I took the same piki piki into town today, a very slow route trying to avoid all the pot holes, he told me that Jennifer had been very sick all the way to the hospital, I apologied for his long long journey, but he was happy that he had done a good service to someone who was unwell.

Last Wednesday when i woke up with no back pain I went with George (not Clooney - a teacher from SCANN) to Mama Sweeties for a quick catch up visit, George came too as I had a big bag of clothes to deliver and wasn't able to carry it.  The toilet block is now finished and her chickens, the puppy and the goose are all happy with the chicken house, the new chicks will be arranged on my next visit to the sweeties.  Photo of completed toilet is attached (for Ailsa), as you will all see the children are very very happy with the new addition to their home. Along with those are photos that I promised before and forgot to send of the painting work at SCANN, more will follow as we have done so much more now. 

Anyway that is my news for now, hopefully the sun will shine soon and the bugs will disappear, the back will mend and I will sleep at night, everything is a huge effort at the moment but I am sure it will improve again. I am looking forward to visiting the boys at SCANN even if it is to do nothing but chat to them.

Hoping your news is better than mine, will keep you posted on the recovery of both myself and Kim.   Love to you all, wishing my son and his family a quick settle into their new long awaited house, lets hope it will soon feel like home.  I am missing my grand daughters 2nd birthday this week, but wish her a great birthday.

Love, hugs and healthy wishes for you all,


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