Sunday, 14 August 2011

It's confirmed Malaria not migrane or too much sugar!

Hi All,
well after struggling since last weekend with thinking I was dehydrated, too much sugar or just run down. Emma insisted I went for a blood test and it showed that I had Malaria again.  I have to admit that after attending SCANN painting on Wednesday morning and then having a meal at Guava for lunch and some pain killers I was feeling better and decided to head to the Guava 'Woodstock' Party that night.  Well, I had spent the whole of the previous day making flowers for my skirt as I was home feeling unwell.  Mad I know but sometimes you just have to do it.

The theme was 'woodstock' so I dug out my red wellies again and stuck big yellow flowers on them, good job as as soon as I left the door way of the house to get the taxi, the heavens opened, they must have known, bu the time I got out the gate to the taxi I was thankful for the wellies as it was flooding down the drive way.

The rain stopped no one, it was a made night, the salsa before hand had been canceled as the teacher was unwell and gave no notice, so after a few phone calls we all went straight to Guava.  What a mad night, I think the atmosphere kept me on a high, everyone had made such an effort, those of you with Face book can check out the photos.(Doris, maybe you shouldn't be shown!)

Well to say the least that night was amazing but unfortunately I felt the effects of the efforts the next day, I spent the next two days in bed having expended all my energies at the party and feeling the malaria badly.  Henry made sure there was food in the house and tended the animals, but he also was busy as his church was having a convergence of churches and he wanted to get lots of his VCD made to sell at the event.  He spent alot of time in town arranging this.  By the way anyone who wants any copies let me know, I can arrange it.  I slept alot and eventually on Friday evening got out of bed and sat knitting, I know not my thing but something to keep me focused.  I am knitting a shrug, I found a pattern and thought it would be a good small coverup when going out as at the last party at Guava my lovely black drapped cardigan went 'missing'.  All I have now is zippies.  Anyway I am starting with the only colour that I have - cream to see how it goes then will look at buying some nice wool at the Kenana Knitters when I go on Monday.

Yesterday I got up early did some washing and took a very well earned shower, found that I was still wearing the felt tip 'tattoos' that I had done on Wednesday, washed all the bedding too as it needed it. I then headed to SCANN to do the clinic, we had a couple of skin infections and bronchitis, not surprising with this cold wet weather.  After that headed to town with Emma who had come over to do some more painting, (she had come down with a cold and was feeling a bit worse for it) Nice pair we made. Anyway sorted out some more cards from Chas, got Julians bead band done at last, went to the Post office to see if anyone loves me - they don't and grabbed my piki piki Francis to take me home via Tuskys at Highway as I needed some food as the house was lacking.  Got home and slept.  Well after washing all the floors and rearranging the furniture.

Today got up feeling good, decided to dress girlie and make an effort - I think more psychologically than anything. I decided to put on a floaty skirt and walk towards town, being a Sunday the matatus were all full. so I just kept walking.  I got to the Highway and continued walking towards town feeling good.  I was joined by a boy of about 13 who asked me where I was going, I told him, he asked if I was walking, I said yes. Um....... He got out a piece of paper and asked me if I would support him for a fund raising, I said no as I had given to so many that I had no money.  He asked if I was walking all the way to town, I said sure.  He asked me if he could pay for my matatu fare as it was a long way and I would get tired.  I was so take aback that I blessed him and said I needed the exercise but thank you. He wandered off to try and get money from some other people waiting for the matatu.  I smiled as I walked on for about another 10 mins as it made me realise that it was a lovely day and humanity was not totally doomed.  After a while I discovered that he was right it was too far and my energy just was not going to manage.  As I came off the Highway at Section 58 my regular boda boda (bike taxi) came along and offered me a life, I told him I only had change of 15bob and he took me anyway (should be 20bob).  I wrapped up my skirt and sat side saddle in the lady like mode and we headed into town, I was still smiling as now 2 people had proven that humanity is not doomed. I don't need much to make me happy.

By the time I was dropped off and walked to the cyber cafe, I realised that in fact I am not on top form, I was sweating badly and in need of sitting down, so here I am pounding away on the keys writing to you and uploading the energetic photos on to Facebook (taking an age I must say) I will then head to Guava for a well earned lunch and wait for Cheryl to turn up for a coffee and cake later.  I may even write some of my cards, who knows.

Love to you all,
Susannah determined to be on the mend.

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