Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Still alive and kicking but sickly again...

Hi Everyone,
managed to get to the doctors under my own steam today for a checkup, only 5 more days of pills to go....yippeeeee they are big enough for horse pills! Thought I would sneak into internet for a quick hi before heading to the bank and home again for a nap. Thanks for the well wishes have been in bed since Wednesday night, decided I needed to get up and wash my bedding if nothing else......... phew!! Catherine has been great making sure I take all the ugi (oooooji) that she makes as it will give me appetite and make me strong, it is tasteless and slimey but I obliged, tasted better after I added grated orange rind and juice to the mix.

I am 'hopefully' sending you a photo of my very first chick which hatched day before yesterday. Pic 2 is 'Puka 1' pretending she has laid an egg too!!!! We only have two chicks as the cockerel smashed the others, (any answers for that one from my learned friends?) We now have hen and two chicks in the garage away from the other hen and cockerel for safety. I need to go and buy Chicken Mash (fortified with vitamins etc for healthy growth and development apparently), wish me luck. It rained yesterday and I managed to sit in the porch in my smelly pj's and listen and watch the rain, the smell from the dry earth was fabulous, not a smell like it, well other than..... um clean washing straight from a washing machine, taking the foil top off a new coffee tin, baby skin, you know the kind of thing........ ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. unfortunately, it didnt last as long as we needed, only damped the surface but it is a promise of more to come shortly, teasing us I know.

Today I ventured out with my umbrella but for shade from the hot sun as opposed to the rain, by the time I pulled myself out of bed and decided to go to the Dr's it was midday by the time I was out the door, a good time for walking to the highway for a matatu. As you can imagine not a lot has happened since I last emailed you other than sleep and weird dreams, we won't go into them now.........!!!

Those of you who have been regulars will be aware that last year I helped another project with oral hygiene when they were visited by a group of dentists for their annual check from the USA. Well they arrive tomorrow and looks like I will have to bow out this time as Typhoid and oral hygiene don't mix too well, unless they all want it! May manage a few days at the end of next week we will see what happens, it was quite a good experience although a rather smelly one, I try to keep my hand in various pies.

I am beginning to think that Fatso is having a phantom pregnancy as she is still waddling around and nothing to show for it yet......Ok I am going to leave you now as will start waffling soon if I continue, just wanted to say I am OK and thinking of you all. MWAH!!!!!!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLove and kisses,
Susannah Sickly Chandler !!

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