Monday, 29 October 2007

Its only me from over the sea...

Hi All,
talk about Cowboy Builders I think I have ALL of them here in Kenya!!!! I know I have been leaving you without your news bulletin from Kenya, sorry! I am sure some of you will be pleased with the break.

My flu has been a really draining experience and having been for blood tests for Malaria and Typhoid (just in case) I am assured that it is just a bad case of flu, I have been also visited by an unwanted visitor a lovely cluster of cold sores, nice and crusty now and very attractive. I think I need a break back to the UK to recuperate, November sounds good although the weather will be colder!

What has been happening here, well I am getting used to having no water from 4pm till 8 am it makes life interesting and no matter how many times I do it I still try to use the tap and flush the toilet, it is amazing how we become programmed to do things in a certain way, use loo – flush, wash up – tap. As for shower, don’t even go there, can have one in the morning just before the fundis arrive, although will have peace soon to shower when I want as have finally told the fundis to finish the gates and leave.

I have a carpenter I know who will help me do the kitchen, I know an electrician who has come and put right the wiring from the last one, all I really am desperate for is a tiling man as I think the tiller who was here had the record for spending 2.5 days tiling 27 tiles around the kitchen sink! I actually bought him a spirit level as the one he had you couldn’t see the bubble and in my opinion without was useless, at least now he tiles straight! We had three tries with the bathroom along with the plumber trying to set the toilets without leaks. The painters were still getting paint everywhere so they have gone now – I prefer my own work. Dad always told me when painting all the work is in the preparation, not sure they know the word, bearing in mind they fill holes and paint over the rough filler without sanding! They don’t remove anything from their path, bedding gets paint on, beds, clothes and don’t get me started on the floor!! As a result I am now painting the house, may take a while but at least I am happy with my work.

Ok Scann is good, ticking along well. The acrobats who went to China are now split, three back at school and the older three, couldn’t settle so are now in Nairobi under the watchful wing of Serakasi who is getting them performing to the public and monitoring their training. I will be visiting them some time to see them perform which should be good.

Construction has started at Scann with the building of the perimeter wall. What a change that will make, so many trees have had to be felled in the process, it looks so bare now and the neighbours for the time being have clear view of everything that goes on. The older boys are happy as they are getting a chance to get involved with helping shovel and dig.

Many of the older boys are taking Exams at the moment and last weekend Scann had a prayer celebration event for them. I was invited and found the experience interesting. All the boys who were preparing for exams were seated on a ‘high’ table along with a number of spiritual guests, from Churches and schools they attend. We had people who performing gospel songs which we enjoyed, the others who were there took the opportunity not to talk to the boys but to out do each other on how long they could stand and preach for. The supposed one hour event took three hours, and most of it was in Swahili! I enjoyed the fact that the other boys at Scann performed speeches or songs to unite in wishing the boys well.

I probably went against all their teaching of success and being the best by promoting the fact that each step in life we have done is a form of success. At the end of the day you get what you put into it, if you are happy with your efforts then the grades are immaterial.

I am still busy doing head shaving although the demand for me when I do visit Scann is overwhelming and I am supplying 20 bob to older boys to get theirs done at the barber! I cant wait till the house is done so I can get back to some order.

I have been approached by someone at another organisation to help set up an information resources centre for HIV issues, crimes against women, and women empowerment. Sounds good although as per most things here it is voluntary basis so no income but great job satisfaction though! I will have to raid my suppliers of resources at home so those that in the know be ready for my requests for leaflets, magazines, dvds etc on the above subjects! Anyone who wants to come over and hold talks also very welcome although it will be at your own expense, I know somewhere friendly that you can stay though!!

I personally need anyone who can tile, wood workers, builders and handy man, I have finally told the workers to leave, they are all COWBOYS, had a big big row on Saturday and told them to come and complete the main gate only, which is being re set on pillar supports, no way I can finish that one!! Nothing is finished, everything is so badly done – I know standards are different and have made huge huge huge allowances for this, even so…..! Paul-Simon I need you back you work better than all 8 of them! 5 weeks and not one room is finished! Mad thing is I have to pay someone else to put it all right, or come home for a two week crash course in carpentry, tiling and building!

Anyway, enough moaning, I am off to look at flights, need to come to UK for mental space and sort out my stuff at Nathalie's before she sells it all!! The sun is shining and the house is peaceful.

I forgot to tell you, I decorated the guard house (he no longer uses it) and now have a girl called Judith who is staying with me and in exchange for somewhere to live and food she is helping around the house. She is 23 and came from Nairobi hoping to find work here but didn’t and her brother had no room at home to house her, so see if this works out OK! She seems nice enough – but as we all know appearances aren't always what they seem!

The menagerie here is getting settled, one cat, one invalid cat, and a crazy dog. Kim the dog is proving to be a great guard dog, now sleeping outside the door in the porch. At least she stays awake and is alert, cant say the same for the guard, think he has sleeping sickness!!!! Kidding.

I have decided am going to make the most of soaking up the suns rays and those happy feelings, am off to town to send this email system allowing that is.

Love to you all, hugs all round. Kimberley and Roger good luck with your moves, settle in quickly and peacefully!


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